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Current Openings:

1) Experienced Android developers, (Mumbai/Pune)
2) Experienced phonegap/sencha /titanium developer, (Mumbai/Pune)
3) Experienced PHP developer, (Pune)

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Computer vision is the manipulation and analysis of information contained in images. It combines the way humans use images with the mathematics. With advent of mobility platform, we offer complex image processing capabilities on mobile platform in most innovative and unique ways.

Our highly skilled team can offer wide array of image processing capabilities on many hardware platforms such as CPU, GPU, CPU+GPU, High Performance Clusters and software tools/ libraries such as CUDA, Open CV, MATLAB, OpenGL, C++, Java/ Python etc.

; machine vision

We have capabilities in machine vision, including recognition of moving objects, machine parts, detection of non-uniform parts, bar codes etc.

wsecurity & automotive

Traffic analysis on roads, automotive applications including safety, driver assistance, drowsiness detection that allows you to build a more secure and safer environment.


Allow us to use our superior machine learning capabilities to research and build applications that leverage and enhance your brand with sentiment analysis in videos and images.

/augmented reality

We build apps that place real objects in virtual environments or vice versa. Use digital signage for enhancing your brand.

Rcamera applications

Build better filters and smart camera applications by leveraging our camera algorithms.

Jaffective computing

We develop smarter apps by detecting human presence in images and videos in order to identify visual, social and linguistic parameters.

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