Quick Appointment


This application is designed for both a patient and a doctor.
For Patient: Get your doctor's appointment. Manage your appointments. Search for a required doctor in your city.
For Doctor: Check your schedule. Reschedule or block your appointments.

My Cab


Do not search for passengers. Get trip requests from passengers around you.
1. Get trip requests from passengers around you
2. Send acceptance notification
3. Reject the trip request
4. Indirect payment mode
5. Busy spot feature
6. Trip Reports

Mark Photo


Are you struggling to claim your business trip expenses? Have you ever lost hotel bills to be claimed? Mark Photo will help you to organize your bills efficiently. Just click to capture the bill image, add description and upload. You can then search your bills, see details and send as a mail attachment.



Thousands of rides can be easily shared every day, but aren’t! People are forced to pay a high price, tolerate increased traffic and pollute the city more as there are no means to share an auto or cab.

Now ShareTrip mobile app provides a fast, simple and safe way to share a ride.

You run it, you tell it where you’re going, if there’s an active match, we confirm the telephone number and you’re on your way. If there’s no match, you put the phone back in your pocket and we let you know as soon as we’ve got someone for you.

Women are connected only with women and men with men. If at any time you find the need to report anyone for indecency, you just need to call our call-center and the other person would have to get an entirely new phone number to re-register.

Use of ShareTrip will not only save your money but will also help in maintaining environment clean by increasing occupancy in transport vehicles.

The app encourages reaching out and meeting people you otherwise might never meet, and doing so for a great cause: saving money, reducing emissions, and making traffic in Mumbai a little less miserable.

My Chauffeur

Do not wait for cab! Get nearest cabs around you and book instantly.

1. Instant auto booking of cab around you
2. You can select cab of your choice
3. Get notification on arrival
4. Set pick up and destination location on map
5. See where is your booked cab now
6. Automatic route and fare estimation
7. Give feedback for service you have got
8. Full support for corporate passengers
9. Get notification on delays

Centrum Currency App


Convert world currencies on the go with Centrum Currency App for Android.It features current exchange rates & a currency calculator.This FREE & simple app is a must for everyone who's in need of Forex.

Style Quotient


Do not dig out your complete wardrobe for trip planning. Plan it in app first anytime anywhere. Create your wish list for clothes and accessories. Organize your wardrobe and maintain it easily.


The Pain Reporter is a Windows 7/8 Mobile App to track your body pain information. It maintains a summary of your body pain and displays it through the Pain Report. The Pain Graph plots a graph of your daily body pain activity and displays it through a graphically enhanced bar graph.


The Medminder App is a Windows 7/8 Mobile App which reminds you about your Medicines by notifying you through a Reminder Popup even when the Application is not running. You can keep track of your Medicine Reminders through the App's Medminder Report.



Help Me Free is an In Case Of Emergency App for Windows Mobile. It will make use of your device's GPS capability to track down your location and send information to your loved ones in case of emergency. Information will be sent through SMS & Email with your current GPS Location. We won't use the info to identify or contact you.

Procedure is to first fill in the information in the settings page, then press the Help button. Pressing the Help Me button Activates the Emergency Services of SMS, Email & Call. Please refer to the inbuilt Help Guide for more details.

Note: This is a Free Version of the 'Help Me' App with Ads. Buy the paid version of the app with No Ads. The paid version is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace under the name 'Help Me'



Manage your field team easily. To update field information in real time, a simple App for field executives with reporting features for higher ups, Geo positioning etc....

Point of Sales


Simple way to capture billing information and print bills on handheld printers. Boon for traveling salesman and also one can reduce long Qs in Supermarket ...

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